FBI Rejection Notices

Why was my fingerprint submittal rejected?

Poor fingerprint detail may be caused by age, trade, or some other environmental/physical condition.

In the case of a fingerprint rejection by the FBI, applicants are requested by the FBI to submit a second set of fingerprints, at no charge to the applicant. This second submission must occur before alternative means of conducting a federal background can be initiated.

If an applicant receives an FBI rejection letter they must submit a second set of fingerprints if they wish to complete their applicant background check. Individuals should take their rejection letter and proper identification to the nearest Pennsylvania Fingerprint location. A second fingerprint submittal will be conducted at no charge. Individuals do not need to re-register for their second fingerprinting session if they received an FBI rejection letter.

If an individuals fingerprints are rejected a second time by the FBI, notification is forwarded to ChildLine by the FBI. ChildLine will then conduct a name based check based on the demographic information on the initial application. Results of the FBI name based record check are also forwarded by the FBI to ChildLine for interpretation.